Pity me not beloved…

“To pity someone is to see the person as a victim and thus overlook the great courage demonstrated in living the planned challenge.”
― Robert Schwartz, Your Soul’s Plan


the sun set on my tears
and the moon rose
in the skies,
my bed was soaked in sorrow
and the cosmos
heard my cries…

pity me not beloved
for I’m blessed
with the will to breathe,
the courage they bestowed on me
succors my belief…

and Angels touched my eyes
serenading me in sleep
collecting every tear
that no more
could I weep…

and a bright eos woke me
into a new day,
with blackbirds calling
chasing fear away…


7 thoughts on “Pity me not beloved…

  1. The most gorgeous and inspiring thing you have ever written.
    First the tender beauty of this piece takes us through your tears (which the sun set upon)
    and pain. Then, you ended this wonderful piece with hope.

    Beautiful piece of writing. Hope you are well.

    Liked by 1 person

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