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When she was a child…

“Limitless undying love which shines around me like a million suns
it calls me on and on across the universe.”
― John Lennon


she hails from a city
near the mountains of the moon,
where the savannah hisses
on sultry
and stars fall in lucent immersions,
touching Earth without any urging…

On torrid evenings, when gasping for breath,
she foreknew paradise in
mystical depth…
in the fragrant meadows, of grasshopper haunts,
she believed the impressions
beyond her thoughts…

and she traversed dark oceans,
with invisible lords,
fantastical journeys of a timeless form,

she made secret vows
with the unsaid,
alliances bound by a silver thread
uniting her with her heavenly core,
never again
should be ignored…

Baptized in forgiveness
she recast the script…
named by a Starfleet from a lunar eclipse,
where every tribe
flows through
her veins,
freed from the chants of hellish refrain…

when she was a child, she wanted to be….
a dreamer
a poet
of fantasy…

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Happy Birthday, Madiba…


Every year on Nelson Mandela’s birthday,
the people aim to highlight his 67 years
of selfless dedication to fighting for peace,
reconciliation, and democracy by doing good for others.

It’s one day of the year
where people are asked
to spend 67 minutes of their time
performing selfless acts for the less fortunate…

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At times…


At times I feel
the heaviness
of your physical absence,
and the intensity
my already fragile heart…

Leaden tears spill
in echo chambers,
clanging me into wakefulness…

Impassioned conversations
flood my imagination
on anguished nights,
and I wonder
if I’m forgiven for my part in all of this?
The words keep
turning over,
flushing through my brain
wounding me with imputation…

“what could I have done better?”

Just hollow words
bouncing off stars
trying to find their way to you,
they bear the resemblance
of confessions…
desiring expression,
in a morass of spewed out grief…

And I hear you say, almost out loud…
“Mom, you did everything right, I was never meant to stay!”

and I return to the arms of Morpheus…