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Sunday sunshine…

flowers near the lagoon

Be as flexible as nonchalant winds,
as gentle as starlight,
as warm as dawn’s sunrise,
as kind as buds
against the light…
Be as calm as a trickle that flows, from the river to the seas,
as brave as a million birds,
flying through storms with ease …
as forgiving as eternal light
pouring out grace,
as merciful
as shady trees
held by earth’s embrace…
Be as joyful as
autumn’s leaves
letting loose,
as peaceful as summer grass putting down roots…
As generous as the moon’s soft glow
across your room,
as truthful
as present darkness,
revealing inner gloom… Be as magical as love that flows from living wells,
as abundant as the source of all things,
where miracles dwell…

As grateful as a thousand shells, washing up on shore,
in tune with cosmic rhythm,
be the Earth’s encore…



I am an unknown introvert who desires to touch the world with a little bit of magic...

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