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The translucency of Eternity…

“in a world full of temporary things
you are a perpetual feeling.”
― Sanober Khan

born for a time like this

I touch your skin
and it’s as if I am you…
Our essence
spread out,
with the delicious memories, we’ve lived together,
as well as the terrible sorrow
that broke our hearts and still lives inside us…

We were grounded by suffering
drawn from our breath,
buried in the brutality
of grief,
yet it did not destroy us…
it allowed us to reach up
into distant skies,
expanding our vision,
until we became fragrant
with the translucency
of eternity…

And In the tenderness of this most sacred temple,
this heartbeat,
I relive
the ecstasy of this truth
of grace,
way beyond narrations
I’ve made up in my head…

visceral images
grown into immortal bonds…
unimaginable imprints
of soul journeys,
memorialized by the magic
of shared abundance…

I’m privy to a whole universe in your eyes,
windows of eternity
yielding moments
of revelation…
our true selves
dulcet sensations etched into the core of our souls…

My superpower responds to the call
of bravery
of endless love,
and the kindness
that has enabled me
to be fully human…

Though deeply flawed,
I’m perfect in my imperfection…

Deserving of true devotion,
we were made for a time like this…



I am an unknown introvert who desires to touch the world with a little bit of magic...

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