Bride of the ocean…

Have you ever seen a beached jellyfish sadly waiting like an unrecognizable lump, trapped by sand, hoping the tide will return her to glory…


I found a jellyfish
and heavy,
motionlessly waiting,
with sand in her belly…

and helpless,
gasping for her life,
almost forsaken,
her suffering denied…

like a wretched foreigner on alien land,
choked by hostile sand…

waiting to get back
to the liberation of the seas,
and dive into blue waters,
she’d be guaranteed,
the freedom of the ocean
away from all harm,
by the most loving arms…

then the ocean rescued her, from her prison of sand
and beneath the surface
I glimpsed
a wonderland,
as she moved
with the breakers,
back to her fold,
no longer oppressed,
but completely whole…

dancing in the light of the incoming tide,
her train glowing
like a radiant bride…

image courtesy of PixaBay

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