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Shine on you crazy diamond….

“Remember when you were young,
you shone like the sun.
Shine on you crazy diamond.”
― Pink Floyd

zeb diamond

My son always used to say to me when he came to visit us;
“isn’t it time you got a dog, Mom?
the cat isn’t glad to see me!”
I told him that the cat was easier to manage and didn’t require that much attention.

When my son changed worlds we had a cute Kitten called Ziggy-Stardust.
Sadly last October, a year after my son’s passing,
he was killed on the road outside our house.
About a month before Ziggy-Stardust crossed the rainbow bridge,
I had a reading with a medium, in order to contact my son.
It was a happy reading and my son came through in full force.
What baffled me though, was that he said we had a dog that could see him, which we didn’t at the time…(we still had Ziggy-Stardust)

When our cat was run over, we decided to get a rescue dog.
His name is Zebidiah which means “gift from God”…Zeb for short.
My son loved Pink Floyd and I dedicated the song “Shine on you crazy diamond” to him, we played it at his celebration.

I have only just realized that Zeb has a diamond on his back, and maybe, just maybe my son sent him to us…they say they can see the future from the other side.

Well anyway, I take it as a sign…
“Shine on you crazy diamond!”



I am an unknown introvert who desires to touch the world with a little bit of magic...

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