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I’m the one…

stevie and rev in the snow

I’m the one who knew the lines,
kept secrets,
read the signs.
I’m the one who held you close,
knew the silence
of hidden oaths.
I’m the one who loved you more,
more than life
at its eternal core.
I’m the one who kissed goodnight,
slew the monster,
fought the fight.
I’m the one who bore your pain,
absorbed the resonance
of love contained.
I’m the one who saw your fears,
held my breath,
dried your tears
I’m the one who nurtured your youth,
believed your dreams,
stood for truth!
I’m the one who scattered your form,
blessed your substance
through ghastly storms.
I’m the one who will always be,
your upholder
for eternity.
I’m the one who sleeps at night,
prays you visit,
just to hold you tight.
I’m the one who sees your face,
in the ether,
where you left a trace.
I’m the one who knows you’re there,
watching over me,
I’m the one who exhumed my heart,
just to remind me
that we’re never apart.

You’re the one who will always be…engraved forever on my memory…



I am an unknown introvert who desires to touch the world with a little bit of magic...

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