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Keep holding on…

To those who have loved and lost keep holding on……

love 9

Sometimes I underestimate love
and it’s cost..
and streams of sorrow enter me…
Have I not been faithful to love and it’s biding?
Have I not immersed myself in its flow?
When the wonders of this Earth stand still
and I’m shattered again by loss,
I will look into the dark waters of my soul,
where grief erupts and my belief falters,
I will see in the mirror that is me
the truest meaning of my existence!
That to love is to risk everything,
to throw caution to the winds.
Sometimes even to sail on seas
of unrelenting sorrow,
and yet to hold tightly to the bow of belonging.
As tempests rock me back and forth,
through the veil of my beloved
I touch transcendent beings.
They bid me travel with love as my rudder
knowing full well
that love will transfigure me
and I will be kept afloat
by forces greater than myself.
And my Lord, my light will stand on the waters of my despair,
when the storm is too cruel for me to bear.
For he fashioned my soul for longing,
He fashioned my heart to be shaped by love,
so that I cannot exist without it.
For if I guard my heart against
the slings and arrows
of outrageous fortune,
the beat of my heart will grow
weary and I will shrink and diminish
and become unrecognisable.
For to love is to let go of everything,
to be sent by gale force winds to truer places
than I’ve ever known.
To risk the brutal pain of seperation.
My fleshy heart will find a way to still beat.
For it remains formed by eternal love,
and to that place it will always return.
For love never dies….



I am an unknown introvert who desires to touch the world with a little bit of magic...

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