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The evolution of suffering

“To pull and pull the rope of grief, until that coiled hill of tears
has reduced to its last drop.”
― John O’Donohue, To Bless the Space Between Us: A Book of Blessings

reditions of mourning

I feel like a fake in the real world,
people say I’m brave,
but am I,

In my closet of tears
my safe place,
sadness falls
around me!

I’m in the presence of angels,
guiding me,
bringing me back to life.

And deep down,
inside this dark place of sorrow
there’s something
supernatural emerging,
stirring me
into knowing.

Opening me to wonders
beyond this Earth.

Whisper by whisper,
molecule by molecule
I discover that I’m not dreaming!

I’m awakening in divine presence…

The brutality of grief
rendered me numb
for a time;
unable to speak coherently
I spoke in scribbles,
mindless meanders.

I’ve been cracked wide open                        split apart.

In the silence,
in the secret longings of my heart….I heard them say
“you were born radiant”

Perhaps the protective shell around me,
the crust of self-loathing
is dissolving,

Exposed to radiance,
my fleshy heart is becoming visible.

It’s beyond my imagination,
in realms too dim
for me to see.
Just a faint glow in the shadows,
spilling out
from my insides….

Keeping watch,
I’m waiting,
immersing myself in mystical realms,
allowing my wounds
to hemorrhage.

Aware of dark and light
I surrender to the unfolding
of a benevolent Universe.

With gratitude…
I drink in love,
I hold favor with the miraculous
and I let renditions of mourning
bring forth sweet music.
Templates of worship.

As I acquiesce to
what was
what is,
and what is to come…

I must go through this dark patch of grief,
until mists of mourning
and I’m one with
the evolution of suffering!



I am an unknown introvert who desires to touch the world with a little bit of magic...

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