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Starlight reporter..

“Don’t underestimate the healing power of these three things…….Music, the ocean and the stars!”― Anonymous

starlight reporter

I’m a starlight reporter,
when twilight calls,
the mystical lingers while darkness sprawls…

I see the new moon rising and the evening star,
I wish upon belonging,
from ever so far….

and Venus is rising,
night descends,
a glory like no other,
a Cosmos without end…….

My senses are alive in this ambience of night,
magical elements,
that all will be alright!

And as I search the skies for lucent shooting stars,
I glimpse eternity,
on pathways beyond mars!

The backdrop of heaven is a radiant glow,
abundant luminosity
reminds me of what I know….

….that the Milky Way outshines
my temporal maladies,
while Electra winks from a faraway galaxy……………..



I am an unknown introvert who desires to touch the world with a little bit of magic...

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