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A message written in the stars…

“But I know, somehow, that only when it is dark enough can you see the stars.”
― Martin Luther King Jr.

milky way

Our power was off for 24 hours.
In the beginning we were quite hopeful that it would not take long to come on,
but by Sunday morning despair had started to kick in.
All our devices shut down and our Mobile phone batteries ran dry.
We had hardly any contact with the outside world except for an old landline.
No information was coming through.
It got me to thinking about hope and how true this saying is:
“hope deferred makes the heart sick”.

Even though we made the best of the day, hope slowly faded as the next night approached.
We began to wonder if the power would ever come on.
Living in Africa some people have been in situations where their power goes off for a week.
It was as though we let all our fears dance around us and our troubles seemed to pool up and intensify in this pitch black night.

By Sunday night we were already discussing what we should do with our meat if it defrosted and making contingency plans for the next day if the power didn’t come on.

Then we stepped outside…….
There was only a slither of moon and the sky was ablaze with a million stars.
We couldn’t see our hands in front of us and in the pitch dark, it took our breath away.
We were shown a different vantage point; a sea of hope.
No matter what befalls us the Divine still has our back.
In that moment we felt part of eternity’s wonderment.

Then as we were getting ready for bed by candle light the power came on.

Hope is so precious, it’s important to keep it alive……

I lost hope in darkness,
when fear grew tall,
it overshadowed
my form
no spark at all!

Imprisoned by hopelessness
thoughts were running wild.
in lands
of faithless imaginings
I was exiled.

The deeper I dug my grave
in pits of despair
fear consumed me,
and promises
could not be heard.

Foreboding apparitions,
devoured dreams,
blinded by affliction,
I searched
for a beam.

From my window
I saw flickering
in the night skies,
the universe burst open
right before my eyes!

Motionless in the Cosmos,
by the Milky Way,
despondency was driven out
by this radiant display.

Image courtesy of PixaBay


I am an unknown introvert who desires to touch the world with a little bit of magic...

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