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Mother’s day

Moms are the roots from which life’s energy flows.  These roots tether us to our families, spread our love, and ensure that we are forever connected.  Whether we look to the skies to remember our moms in spirit, or reflect upon the children that we once nourished, these bonds will never be broken.  On this day we can smile as we take solace in the knowledge that we will all be reunited again.
-Forever family foundation.

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kindred souls entwined forever,
memories to always treasure,
old photographs
and shining eyes,
holy radiance in me arise.
a heart in the tree

behold messages i clearly see,
divine lens of tranquility.
i spied a heart on lagoon view,
in tall trees
my love flew,
and settled right inside my heart,
soul ties that never depart.

heart on the lagoon

And the universe found a way to bring me a magical day…



I am an unknown introvert who desires to touch the world with a little bit of magic...

6 thoughts on “Mother’s day

    1. He was a baby when my Mom died and he used to cry when he was small because he missed her. They both have the same blue eyes…I’m just so glad they are together now. I hope you had a good day, Natalie? xoxoxoxo


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