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“I lifted my hands and then my eyes and I allowed myself to be astonished by the great everywhere calling to me like an old and unspoken invitation.” ~David Whyte


When I found You,
it was from darkness
I emerged,
and I looked upon Your countenance,
Your loveliness.

My bones had turned to dust;
and my faith had dissolved into
a hopeless shadow of despair.
Foreboding lingered in the half-light.

I did not know the beginning from the end,
and the craving for completeness consumed my waking hours.

You showed me the way back to the light,
to my soul’s abode,
to a place I had always known,
deep in my heart.

The brightness within me was there all the time.

Untruth had clouded me,
and bonds had been broken,
dread had been set into my flesh.
I didn’t know who I was,
or where I belonged.
I was drowning in seas of uncertainty,
needing worldly favour
to know if I was human.
I was eroded by the schemes of men,
crumbled into non-existence.

The awakening was gradual,
as if I had to grow into it,
to become it.
When my eyes adjusted to mystical light,
colours took on
divergent elements,
and I was no longer afraid of
my own shadow.
With my ear to the ground,
I could hear songs of the Earth,
and the rhythm of my soul’s awakening.

You never said it would be easy,
You never said that I would not suffer,
but You enclosed me in grace
and occupied me with love.
My heartbeat resonated with Yours,
so that I could soar above adversity.
I became human
the way I am supposed to be.

And when the storms came,
I was ready…

I can never go back to the prison that once was my mind




I am an unknown introvert who desires to touch the world with a little bit of magic...

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