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Warning: A work in progress

Day twenty five….

What would your warning label say?

warning labels
Caution: makes up words.
Handle with care: cries frequently.
Fragile: has been hurt.
Safety warning: may eat your cake.
Doesn’t bite unless provoked.
Don’t disturb when day dreaming.
Subject to outlandish behavior.
Explosive when ignored.
Loves direct sunlight.
Not suitable for normal thinking.
Keep away from aggressive persons.
Authorized to play and have fun.
Intended for silliness.
Do not remove cats, dogs or children.
Install as much laughter as possible.
May contain affection.
Do not crush: wounds not healed yet.
Addictive when taken with grace.
Always take with a little wine.
Contains a lot of chocolate.
Do not enter without a hug.
Keep right side up: leaks when mishandled.
For best results; show lots of kindness and love.

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