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Get out of bed

Day Ten…..

Today, we’d like to challenge you to write a poem of simultaneity – in which multiple things are happening at once…….

life goes on 2

She sobbed and sobbed, but no one heard,
choked up, and lost for words!
Her face pressed on the windowpane
her mind raced…would she be the same?
A bird sang in mellow tones,
the house creaked, and the trees groaned!
The postman made his daily rounds,
the cat purred in gentle sounds.
Wafts of lavender filled the breeze,
the wind mumbled, as it pleased.
Sun bounced from a mosaic jar,
messages of love flew from afar.
Particles danced, in iridescent light,
rumbling sounds roused her appetite!
The gardener cut the overgrown hedge.
On darkened sill, feelings edged.
From a distance, dogs were howling
and muffled sounds of children shouting.

Clouds hid the sun, and she exhaled,
a forlorn whimper still prevailed!
Remembrance was everywhere,
keepsakes of her despair.

Then she recalled what the “never minds” said
“life goes on….get out of bed!”

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