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Day Eight……

a wool gatherer

in the afternoon,
when chortling winds,
drift on the dunes.
Fireflies glow in lyrical tunes,
conversing with
the tenuous moon.

Indistinct shadows,
with sluggish stares,
and grave emotions of solar flares.
Waylaid by dense
and unearthly prayers,
I pitched my dream,
in the blue-gray air.

Land of nod,
when faint breath
is high,
songs of wool-gathering and lullabies.
I dreamed of floating in mackerel skies,
on winged movements,
in florescent dye.

When I awoke in muffled light,
the tide deciphered,
where mysterious beings
on giddy flight,
fringed my delirium,
of whimsical night.


poetry month


I am an unknown introvert who desires to touch the world with a little bit of magic...

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