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Open to the possibility that the universe is perfect.
-John E. Welshons
Awakening From Grief


I used to believe in unicorns,
and fanciful endings.
Now I try to
be honest,
and shy from vain pretending.

Just like Cinderella,
mesmerised by a dream,
waiting for prince charming,
devoid of self-esteem!

I sometimes blame the movies,
and the unreal story lines,
but now I believe,
hope lies
in realms beyond the mind!

Perhaps my expectations,
were crafted
on fantasies.
Now I’m exploring the shadows,
beyond the galaxies!

Even in great sorrow,
and the heartache we have to bear,
a divine presence
the whole stratosphere!

All we need,
is to ponder,
love and eternal grace,
in a breathtaking universe,
where there are no mistakes!

I still believe in the miraculous,
at the rainbow’s end,
I’m seeing beyond the sacred self,
allowing my dreams
to ascend…

P.S. #confessions…..I still believe in fairies and unicorns!

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Letting it All Out

Thank you for your beautiful words Peacock poetry.
This is dedicated to those who let us cry……

Peacock Poetry

I noticed in the very fresh stages of grief that some people just didn’t know where to put themselves. Some avoided all reference to any remotely personal line of conversation  and some gave me a wide berth as my grief obviously challenged their ability to be with their own emotions. Others wanted to make suggestions and give advice and there were also those that used the opportunity to offload their own repressed grief, relieved for the opportunity to make a socially acceptable connection through my circumstances. This was challenging as quite frankly I was dealing with my own shit and did not have the energy to bolster others in the way which usually came so naturally.

None of this was anyone’s fault of course. We are so ill-prepared to deal with our own grief let alone anyone else’s. There is no manual for these sort of situations and we are…

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Lonely Vagabond

….these things become the norm: that some homeless people die of cold on the streets is not news. In contrast, a ten point drop on the stock markets of some cities is a tragedy. A person dying is not news, but if the stock market’s drop ten points it is a tragedy! Thus people are disposed of, as if they were trash.
― Pope Francis

lonely vagabond 2

He sat alone in silence;
all reason
was gone,
unable to feel his breath,
a lonely vagabond.

Drops of rain
caught the tears
that hid his heartache,
dark nights whiled away,
on concrete landscapes.

He wondered
if they noticed him,
dirty and exposed.
Did he choose to live his life,
on streets,
bitterly cold?

Winter winds
and shelter held no warmth,
living on sidewalks,
he dreaded icy storms!

All he wanted
was his daily bread,
a greeting,
and a smile,
to look on him with mercy,
and to stay for a little while.

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Knysna Loeries

The birds they sang
At the break of day
Start again
I heard them say
Don’t dwell on what
Has passed away
Or what is yet to be…
― Leonard Cohen

knysna loerie

he cackled in the trees,
and i asked him to stay.

he said he came to tell me “it is a brighter day”..

his feathers were so bright,
he put on a display,
and for a while he darted about,
and then he went away..

he left a little trace that vanquished all dismay,
i knew it was a magical thing,
a quiet hip hooray..

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Stumbled into love

Happy 75th Birthday, Richard Rohr…
“Like the wind, the Spirit blows where it will (John 3:8). There has been more than enough wind at my back—and more than enough seeing and encountering of Love—for all of these 75 years. All of it was given, never acquired, merited, or even fully understood. I just stumbled into Love again and again. And was held by it.”
― Richard Rohr


I’m in a tempest,
the wind at my back,
stumbled into love,
seen light through the crack!

When I wasn’t looking,
grace found me,
I was held by devotion,
in an affectionate sea.

Broken and bruised,
ruined by life,
I’m being reconfigured,
by His glorious design.