Loved beyond measure

“May you experience each day as a sacred gift woven around the heart of wonder. ”
― John O’DonohueEternal Echoes: Celtic Reflections on Our Yearning to Belong

loved beyond measure

go to the forest,
and shout out your despair
lay down your assumptions
become more aware!
in diaphanous pleasures, hum like busy bees,
these vibrations
will move you
gently with the breeze!

the flowers will delight,
to listen
to your prayers,
the motion of the wind, will blow away your fears!

let the oceans ferry you,
to where
hope resides,
and spill frothy pleasures, where seagulls are your guide!

the sands of time
will call you,
and give rhythm to your name,
stars will illuminate pathways,
while heaven proclaims..

“you were made in Divine likeness,
and given flawless form,
loved beyond measure, and so wonderfully adorned!”

Photograph by David Herman


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