The underworld

You are not leaving.
Even as the light fades quickly now,
you are arriving.”
― David Whyte

the underworld.jpg
I descended into the underworld,
where faith did not belong.
Death is never memorable;
they had not written my song.
Yet this abyss closed in on me,
and took me to its lair.
I felt suffocation creep,
there were no directions there.
Just an absence of sound and light,
and coldness all around.
My nakedness was plain to feel,
I thought I’d never be found.
Yet in the darkened resemblance,
of my disfigured soul,
I felt a calmness gathering
something beyond control.
I laid my complaints down,
on the floors of hell,
and felt the pennies dropping,
in some wishing well.
I remembered all the emotions
of another world;
I knew I had to stay a while,
till holiness was observed.
I’d torn off all my garments
and thrown them in a heap;
I begged for a change in circumstance,
and felt my body weep.
In this place I sojourned a while
and collected hollow bones,
to keep as tokens of deliverance
for my journey home….



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