Rewriting Melodies

“You must learn one thing.
The world was made to be free in.
Give up all the other worlds
Except the one in which you belong.”
― David Whyte

timeless limits
Detached from worldly substance,
she felt a sense of loss.
She scrambled through the rubble
of all that had been false.
On relinquishing the bonds,
of distorted entities,
she moved towards the center,
into truthful destiny.
She tore the grubby garments
from her misshapen image,
and wrapped herself in cleansing light,
beyond timeless limits.
She released destructive personas
that did not belong,
and began to rewrite melodies
of her Anima’s song.
The stillness in her essence
was unveiled without form.
She danced with boundless gratitude
onto pathways,



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