Emotional reward

“It seems there are some problems even Prosecco and cake can’t make better.”
― Lorraine Wilson


I ate a mound
of rich gateau,
with chocolate drizzled
on the side.
Its heart was filled
with a promise,
that only sweet comfort
can provide.

I let each morsel
my taste buds
with ecstasy.
It was an emotional piece
of cake,
soft and velvety.
Filled with longing,
and twinges
of guilt in between.
It rolled over my tongue
with the greatest of ease,

Just for a moment,
delicious flavors,
wrapped me
in delight.
An extravagant slice of pleasure,
appeased my appetite.
Luscious tastes
of forgetfulness
layered with a little remorse,
imbued with dainty textures,
an emotional reward.

The instant gratification,
dropped me
in a hollow.
An empty cauldron
of regret in which
I dare not wallow.

Its delicate ambrosia
was worth every
magical bite!
All caution will be thrown to the wind,
when I have some more




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