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Freaky Friday

astronautEating apple pie,
on the fourth of July.
Hope soaring in the sky
reveries flying high.
Expectations I can’t deny.
New York is where I’d fly.
America dreaming in my eye,
and it’s no wonder why!
Will my visa qualify?
They may think I am a spy,
and I’d be left high and dry.
I’ll breathe a deep sigh
and end up in Uruguay.
I would be terrified.
Well how about Shanghai?
That won’t satisfy,
maybe have another try,
or go to Hawaii.
I love the thought of Versailles,
my plans may go awry
but that does not imply
that I’m really kinda shy!
My humour is quite wry
though I should specify
that if I qualify,
I may preoccupy
the way that I reply.
I can dignify,
that I’m not an alumni.
When I’m put on standby,
I’ll read “catcher in the Rye”,
watch the series “Firefly”,
enjoy cartoons like Popeye
and sing sweet lullabies.
Maybe meet the sultan of Brunei…
I hope they have Wi-Fi!
An Astronaut may testify
that I can’t grow Bonsai.
I ramble, I know not why,
I’m trying to make time fly.
I may need an alibi,
when they hear how much I lie.
I’ve escaped into sci-fi.
I’m not a Gemini.
Please do not notify
the authorities at CSI.
They may intensify
the search with the FBI.
I’ll have to justify,
the need to indemnify
the fact I was in Zhuhai.
Dr Who will verify
that I’m a social butterfly,
and so I’ll state hereby
that I do not qualify,
to be a Samurai.
I’m just a wise guy
taking the red-eye
to a place near Mumbai,
with a stop over in Dubai.
If you’re mystified
I do apologise
words are in short supply
But before I make you cry,
this poem typifies
my need to ratify,
that rhymes do comply
with verses I amplify.
I promise the end is nigh,
aye, aye…
Let me smile and wave goodbye…..



I am an unknown introvert who desires to touch the world with a little bit of magic...

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