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ted 2
Grandma poorly, for goodness sake!
Mother yelled “take her plonk and cake”.
“Does she think she’s Marie Antoinette?”
I kinda mused….but then I digress.
Hyped to bail the urban hood,
I took a track through creepy woods.
All decked out in my scarlet hoody.
I met this Wolf, he was sort of kooky!
He asked me the way to Grandma’s crib,
what can I say, he was really “ripped”!
I kinda freaked out at Grammy’s cottage;
the hairy dude had her in the closet.
He” hoodwinked” me, with his macho charm,
I eyeballed his incisors, and sounded the alarm!
Hey Bra, what’s it with wolves these days?
Maybe it’s a weird girlie craze!
I got that uncanny twilight feel,
like “off my rocker”,  kinda surreal!
For real, Woody turned up with his mighty axe,
hey Bra, we pleaded the fifth….
Yeah, that’s a wrap!



I am an unknown introvert who desires to touch the world with a little bit of magic...

8 thoughts on “Hoodwinked

  1. This is good read it a couple of times.

    Little girls, this seems to say
    Never stop upon ur way
    Never trust a stranger friend
    Nobody knows how it’ll end
    As u r pretty so be wise
    Wolves may lurk in every guise

    ..I can’t remember the rest of that little poem


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