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Bitterness casts a shadow

“Do not habour any bitterness, it will lead you straight into the wilderness.”
Gift Gugu Mona


I found a hidden cavern
within my ruptured heart,
where acrimony festers,
an earthling blown apart!

Just a tiny alcove,
where bile contaminates.
It poisons the essence,
of what human love creates.

I long to cast the misery
into the void of sudden death,
let streams of redemption flow
to where mercy restores my breath.

Forgiveness is my intention,
though bitter perceptions erode.
My thoughts resemble black treacle,
a fragmented life morose.

The particles of silence
are not far from my sight.
My ego gets entangled
in dark, oppressive blight.

As times I am entrenched
in more than I can bear.
Envy overwhelms me,
with unrelenting snares.

Buds of bitterness grow,
casting shadows on my soul.
Gratitude is the antidote,
an escape from death’s black hole.

The gaze of sacred beings
touches the inner sanctum.
I bolt from the hound of hell,
to sing my soul’s sweet anthem.



I am an unknown introvert who desires to touch the world with a little bit of magic...

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