When you give up your dreams

“Sometimes the dreams that come true are the dreams you never even knew you had.”
Alice Sebold, The Lovely Bones
Image may contain: sky, outdoor and natureWhen you give up your dreams
it’s like a blow to the head
a punch in the stomach
a constriction of your breath.
All that you see is a faint light in the distance,
so distant
that you squint just to see it.
You stand in the darkness
terrified of life
unsure of existence,
like a dead person in temporal insanity
floating in a starless Universe
a hopeless vagabond
confused by what life is supposed to be.

Then you plummet to earth
and the stars in your head are all that you see
when you give up your dreams.

But a flash in the dark
a beam of great light
transforms your fragile heart,
you heal!
Set free from the longing of what
you thought life should be.
Loosed from despair and
liberated from your ranting.
Transported to a place
where dreams are released.
Your only expectancy
is the light of the day
and the knowledge of the night.
You live like the trees
rooted in terra firma
at one with the sun.

Then you summon the stars
and submit to their silence,
tossed by the wind
unfettered by pain.
Your communion is the birds.
The verdant fields are a balm to the ache
that was once attached to your heart.
Silent words write themselves in the stars
to call out your destiny.
Tears touch the earth
as they quench
your parched yearning
and you begin to dance
in the glow
of your own splendor.

With great joy you become submerged
in cascading waters
sparkling and
alive with vibration.
You become surrounded
by the magic of living.
The song of the ocean is one with your soul.
Your dreams get buried
in the folds of the mountains
in a timeless void
to be turned into dandelions
to fly like the wind!

So give substance to that gale
that empties your senses
and brings you to life.
Have joy in the heavens.
Let your breath magnify
every living thing that surrounds you
to the glory of just being.
Acceptance of what is given
grateful for life
to the wonderment
of a divine Universe
Just release your dreams
into the cosmos of living,
that if they return
to you,
they were
meant to be…



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