Just melt into the Sun

“For what is it to die but stand naked in the wind
and to melt into the sun!”
Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet

Trudge through death
and pass it by.
Not defined by dark but by inner light.
Shadows elude the folds of time
and come to rest on outer life.

Twisted paths in death’s domain,
and tangled webs weave foreboding tales

In golden daybreak life stands still
and tranquility is fed by fragile prayers.
Encumbrances may well up within
and stain corridors with tears.

Let fear be held forever
in a capsule of time,
so love’s intensity
will call your life

It’s love that banishes death’s torment
and transforms sacred earthlings.
When tearful pillows soaked in grief
find comfort through the hurting.

 Delirious dreams dispelled,
on silken threads
where Angels glow in heavenly repose.
A life absent of love,
is foreign to your soul.
Instead be found safe within
the battlements of love’s abode

When rest is found
within your being
and deep content.
Fly heavenward,
to days that have no end.
Great love will envelope you
and graciousness
that’s heaven sent.



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