Quiet Seclusion

“I rest in the grace of the world, and I am free.”
Wendell Berry, The Selected Poems of Wendell Berry

quiet seclusion

I long to sojourn in quiet seclusion
with only the stars for light,
and soft moss for my bed
My friends will be happy birds,
who only speak the language of love.
The bright sun will awaken me at dawn
and I will drink the dew of morning.
The trees will shade me from
the intensity of the noonday sun.
Their leaves will bristle
when the wind picks up
and softly brush the silence.
All nature will keep me company.
I won’t feel alone in such majesty
as I ponder creation and all its glory.
I will remember a life simply lived,
when berries fed an empty belly
and the dark earth
brought forth sustenance.
Sorrow will not be found
among the dancing leaves.
When I touch the
floor of the forest in worship,
I will allow miniature creatures
to penetrate my silence.
This place of forgetfulness
will occupy my being.
The expanse of the entire Universe
will be known to me
and I will observe that I’m wonderfully made.
The nights will bring restfulness
to my weary wanderings.
I’ll count stars instead of sheep
and feel the blanket of darkness
gently cover me.
The night birds will serenade me
and calm my restive soul.



4 thoughts on “Quiet Seclusion

  1. Your brautiful poetry reminds my of an Afrikaans song:

    Eenvoud is die vreugde van die lewe
    dis gee en neem net wat daar is
    dis dankbaar eet van elke skewe
    stukkie brood wat liefde is

    Roughly translated as:

    Simplicity is the joy of life
    it’s give and take of what there is
    gratefully eating every crooked
    morsel bread, for that is love

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