Midsummer’s Night dream

“Love’s stories written in love’s richest books.
To fan the moonbeams from his sleeping eyes.”
William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night’s Dream

mid summer's night dreamingI ran to the woods and what did I find
by night the moon and stars aligned.
A summer frolic, sweet dreams met.
Strange unions I can’t forget.

The Duke of Athens proclaimed a date.
A wedding feast, oh happy state.
Courtier’s troubles were brought to bear.
The Duke did order, disunity flared.

From awful decree, lovers hastened away.
The fear of death on hearts did weigh.
In wooded seclusion unseen fairies there
and soft tranquility filled the night air.

Mischievous Puck with passions flower
touched sleeping eyes, in love devoured.
With Fairy Queen’s first awful match,
King Oberon’s scheme was hatched.

A beguiling trance in love’s secret place
mismatched unions of love displaced.
In lover’s pursuit they scrambled about,
then exhaustion fell by all accounts.

The deepest sleep on eyes did fall,
passions flower afresh, of love befall.
Alliance restored with such delight
Fairy queen awoke to odious sight.

Oberon released the Fairy Queen’s spell.
Trumpets sounded and all was well.
Some thought to dream, in wooded glades.
Lover’s married and the Company played.

Blessings bestowed on man and beast.
A delightful dream, to say the least.



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