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“Let us fall in love again and scatter gold dust all over the world”.
Jalaluddin Rumi

autumn 3The promise of autumn
creeps across the skies.

Wisps of summer’s bounty
bidding goodbye.

Frolicking leaves dancing
on gusty days.

The air is vibrant and
swirling with praise.

Cooler evenings beginning
to keep company.

Letting go the warm caress,
though reluctantly.

Delicate hues embracing
mellow delight.

A Pageant of blushing tones
enfolding twilight.


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I'm a paradox
I’m a fragrance
within a forest.
Embedded stillness,
gently flawless.

I’m a torrent
erratic movement.
Free falling into
life translucent.

I’m an ocean,
mercurial tones.
Ebbing and flowing
secrets unknown.

I’m a river
intense and noble.
Bubbling radiance,

I’m a flower
wholesome and tender.
Blooming in sunshine
deeply centered.

I’m a melody
buoyant and serene.
Harmonious pitch
sometimes extreme.

I’m a whisper
floating on a breeze.
Almost forsaken
hard to appease.

I’m a paradox
containing light
aware of darkness
gloomy yet bright.


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delirious 2
Well acquainted
with darkness
I was consumed
way beyond my
expiration date
I lay dying
in delirium
waiting for the end
devoured by
my own hysteria
bleeding out
into the constellations
sucked into
a timeless void
a black hole

“Look deep into my eyes
you’ll see the abyss
you’ll see the lies”

A force beyond
my imagining
awakened me
breathed life
into my death
I let the winds
of destruction
take me
storms blew me
back to life
naked and ashamed
near to death
my breath restored
my ravaged heart
found a beat
in powerlessness
I arose

“Look deep into my eyes
you’ll see a spark
you’ll see love arise”

I’m not afraid of the darkness
nor am I startled by the light!


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“The darkest hour of the night came just before the dawn”.
Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

darkness to light

In a split second
darkness turns to light

At the break of day
misery takes flight

Within new mercies
His sacred design

Into awareness
belief realigns

Confusion is gone
enlightened domain

Mourning to dancing
rejoicing again

Established in truth
surrender is real

Life reawakens
beginning to heal

Mindfulness calls out
overthinking clears

Breathing gratitude
unrest disappears


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A dark night of the soul

“This deepening of love is the real purpose of the dark night of the soul. The dark night helps us become who we are created to be: lovers of God and one another.”
Gerald G. May, The Dark Night of the Soul

once in limbo

Living life in slow motion
fast forward through the pain.
In my marrow self destruction
will hysteria please refrain!
Buried in fields of absolution
scarecrows feasting on my bones.
Life forcefully spins around me
throttling a life that once I owned.

At a point my breath is raindrops
dedicated to lucid beings.
I will call; to bring You closer,
no premonition in these dreams!
Dive, oh dive into fate’s oblivion
plunge the seas of forgetfulness.
Brilliant stars cannot awaken
from this terror of harmfulness.

Into tranquil elements guide me
when my soul loses capacity.
Floating above soul’s intuition
learn the dance of adversity.

I won’t cling to terminal insanity
though the abyss calls me to rest.
Darkness making me its love child,
release me from this prisons quest.
A jailer of my mind’s remembrance
holding on with clenched fists.
Tearing flesh and bones apart
in the darkness, grief persists.

Sojourning in a desert nation
feeding off my life’s remains.
Prairie dogs eat my sinews
bile of discontent, I am sustained.

Lead me back to living waters
in my blindness I have fled.
Tears fall softly on my shadow
a living hell of much regret.
Cover me with reeds of silence,
burn my embers till I’m bright.
If I’m lost, may I be found again
search I will, for heaven’s light

Death has swallowed all direction
of this tired, indecent life.
Into living waters drench me
divine thankfulness, may I recite.

I have tossed and turned with memories
of my sacred life undone.
The past followed down empty hallways
hollow creatures chanting songs.
Bitter hope, my life’s expectancy
may despair flee to naught.
Does this life have hope in purpose
or should I beg You snuff me out?

This ache, this scream within me
won’t be silenced anymore,
and my doubts are firmly planted
in locations my soul abhors!

Circumstances can change to meaning
so that peace may know my name.
Take my wounds and make them holy
at Your gates I beg in shame.
My heart of stone bears resemblance
to a lower form survived.
Rip it out and make it flesh again
that compassion is revived.

Wings will make my mortal soul to fly
from this disturbed, unholy place.
Gather me up, into belonging
to my rightful home embraced.
Though the future hangs in balance
send amnesia to my dreams.
Heavenly beings are out there waiting
above the mists, on glory’s stream.

May I drink  of Angel nectar,
till I’m filled and thirst no more.
Worship leaps within my body
mercies fields where abundance soars.

Will  You temper me with kindness
serenade me with Creation songs.
Force fields of Your love protect me
as I gather into Earthly throngs!


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Secretly, she knew
that he wasn’t good for her!
In a moment,
in the blink of an eye,
on the first encounter
she knew!
Deep in her psyche,
inside her substance
she felt apprehension.
But she ignored
the warnings,
she quieted the small voice,
the voice of reason.
She wanted him,
she ached for love.
She wanted to prove
that she was lovable.
How foolish she was,
how idiotic
to believe at nineteen
that he was her last chance
for love!

They cautioned her about him,
her friends,
She saw the look
in her family’s eyes,
she saw their concern,
their dismay.
Some said
he was a womanizer.
She didn’t want to believe them.
She imagined,
even fantasized
that her love could change him,
and make him a better person!

In the beginning
he pursued her
like a valuable treasure.
He was attentive
and kind.
He showered her with adoration,
but his charm
deceived her.

She lived in a make-believe world,
ever hoping
that he could change.
Intoxicated by infatuation,
beguiled by his charm.
She was mesmerized,
as though he had done some incantation
to trap her!

His fondness for her
faded quickly,
after their wedding day.
He threw her aside
like an unwanted thing!
She was no longer
the object of his affection.
His aloofness
wounded her,
damaged her.
“How could life be so cruel?”
she thought.

Her dedication to him
was meaningless,
He flaunted his women before her.
Her allegiance
started to fade,
and eventually
The abandonment became too heavy.
She knew
she needed to escape
the torment.

“Could this really be love”
she wondered,
when they finally parted ways.
His vanity and philandering
had destroyed
what little trust she had.
The marriage she had hoped to save,
and fought so hard for,


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Speak of Love

If I speak in the tongues of men and of Angels, but have not love, I am a noisy gong or glanging cymbal.

love's monsoon 2
Tenderness speaks, a drink of love’s monsoon
Essential beings, as bright as afterglow
Melodic hearts combine and beat in tune
Effervescent joy, into passions flow
Loving  kindness, ingrained in memory
Dulcet tones rise; into awareness breathed
A hidden trove, abundant treasury
Love’s tender touch, with sacred essence weaved
Sacrificial gift; only love the gain
Growing in grace, across expanse of time
Love will transform; like gentle summer rain
Radiant fellowship, affections climb
Perfect creation, cherished souls do see
Believe in love, the divine mystery


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Sneaky Time Traveller

time traveller 2
Vanishing into thin air,
I cannot find a trace.
The next day remerging
a soul from outer space.

Her eyes are wide and freaky
as if she’s seen a ghost,
caught in other dimensions
beyond eerie outposts!

She sneaks around at 2am,
sliding through nebulous voids.
Then high jumps onto satellites
as if boarding asteroids!

They say she is in the garage
maybe under a tree?
She’s really a time traveler
of outer galaxies !

Disappearing through worm holes
ripping the fabric of time,
into hidden dimensions,
shifting with the paradigm!

I have so many questions
about where she’s been
Uncanny time traveler
behind that smoke screen!

She keeps a lot of secrets
about the man in the moon.
Weary from her adventures,
sleeping away, until noon!




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A Sonnet

birdsWhen morning breaks, they chirp lyrical songs.
Through trees they glide on glories golden wing.
My heart feels  joy and so my love belongs.
A life to live, exquisite offering.
Bristling feathers delighting in bird baths.
Enchantment elevated above trees.
With lightness unto heavenly flight paths,
and in darkness never losing their glee.
I found myself on many a misty morn
with charming euphonies, evoking tunes.
My soul’s ecstatic with symphonic form.
I’m entertained on quiet afternoons.
Oh bring me back, Oh bring me back, to earth,
that I may sing and dance with them, in mirth!