Wood Nymph

“Shine like the whole universe is yours.”
Jalaluddin Rumi

wood-nymphHer dwelling was shadowed by tall trees
flecked in filtered sunlight.
At noonday she frolicked with light beams
and joyful butterflies.

Mesmerized by lofty saplings
from her lowly point of view.
Lost in expansive oblivion
her shattered heart was subdued.

Among the singing cicadas
she made an earthen house.
Sojourning alone with earth stars,
twas tranquil thereabouts.

Her bed was the floor of the forest,
veridian moss gave her rest.
She became the radiance of fireflies;
in hushed tones her vows were expressed.

On plunging into dark waters,
a healing reservoir.
She emerged a flawless daughter,
as bright as the evening star.



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