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Junk shop delight

To my good friend who I have spent many
happy hours with, looking for hidden treasures!

Piles of junk excite her
she always spots a gem.
I sneeze in the corner
my allergies go mayhem!

We’ve upturned wobbly tables
to find a fossilized piece.
Negotiating with the dealer’s
some wonders will never cease.

There’s a junk shop on the corner
that hawks odds and ends.
Their hidden treasures delight her,
with dusty worn out trends.

Teapots, jugs, an old suitcase
can brighten up her day.
She finds spots to stash them
or put them on display.

A shop could open tomorrow
with a spare room full of junk.
I hear her say, “I embellish”
oh sorry, it’s in the trunk!

Her husband groans on her return,
there’s a glint in her eyes.
Knowing she’s been a shopping
he shakes his head and sighs!



I am an unknown introvert who desires to touch the world with a little bit of magic...

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