Moments in time

The wet tarmac steamed
as she rode her bike through the rain.
Tears stung her face
when he came to her mind.
He wouldn’t be there to meet her today.

“Why did he declare his love for her?”
she thought.
It made her afraid.
Didn’t he know it would frighten her?

She was sure that her Father was wrong about him,
she knew this boy’s heart was pure.
He seemed as innocent as she was.
She felt vulnerable
alone in her feelings
terrified of where things might lead.
She didn’t give him up easily
but he never knew that!

Her beautiful dreamer was gone,
should she look for him?
Only her imagination
could see his face.
Her daydreams took her to him.

What was he thinking?
She felt so cruel
so unfeeling.
It wasn’t who she was.
She had some misgivings about him
but not enough to take him from her.
Fear had done the damage.
Prejudice had severed their sweet friendship.

She still thinks of him now.



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