I had a dream

“The reason self-love is so important is because until you can accept and recognize the Divine that is within you, your journey is limited.” Jill Renee Feeler


I had a dream
that stole away my vision
and for a time
I sank beneath
my understanding.

The creatures of the deep
captivated me.
Their prison of asphyxiation
was my abode
as I gasped for breath.

I was mesmerized by
these monsters of duplicity.
They made me believe
that I was shameful,
even grotesque.

In a magical and sublime moment
I found myself standing
on an embankment of awareness
in the veracious light
of my own radiance.

I felt a deep affection
grow within me
as the brightness
of the son
burnt away self-loathing
banishing the travesty!

I felt no pain in that instant
just a rush of solace.
My vision returned
and I observed my own reflection
in the crystal waters.

It took my breath away
I was lovely
beyond imagination.



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