Love is everywhere

allyBack when I was a child
I believed that God was love.
It resonated and vibrated
in one so small.

I felt love all around me.
The trees would whisper tenderly
as their leaves fell softly on me.
I collected and treasured their love letters.
The birds sang melodic love songs at dawn, to wake me.
The sunlight danced affectionately
in my presence

I could feel the stars come out
and shimmer just for me.
Each time I saw a shooting star
it was another message of infinite love.
The warm earth fondly kissed my feet.
The soft rain tenderly touched
my inner sanctuary.

My dog, a constant companion
showered me with affection.
He would moisten my face with adoration,
delighting to lick away my tears.

At times
I wondered
when I was still small
why some Earthlings didn’t get it.
Why they didn’t feel the exquisiteness of love,
and embrace its magical feeling.
That universal love that is all around us,
a divine embrace
that reaches up to the heavens
and dives into the depths.

Some tried to take that belief away from me,
to snatch it from my grasp.
But it is so embedded in me
and entwined around my heart.
It will never be extinguished
because God placed it there!

We are made from love
by the Master
made in the image of the divine.
Perfectly formed snowflakes get it,
green grass sparkles with love
morning mist sprinkles devotion.
The oceans caress our form.
Flowers passionately decant their fragrance.
Mystics meditate on loves intimacy,
bees taste its bounty.
Love is the sustenance of the Angels

If you begin to see love in everything.
How it shapes the universe
you will be astonished
even transformed.
But never forget
to love yourself
to look in the mirror
and see the image of God
to sing hallelujah because of abundant mercy.



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