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She’s beautiful!


They never said she was ugly,
they didn’t use that word.
But why didn’t she ever feel beautiful?
Perhaps she just conceived it in her own mind,
the mind of her vivid imagination!

Surely though, thoughts have roots
and memories live inside.
Those words said carelessly,
the critical glances that destroyed her confidence.

Perhaps she read their facial expressions
or took their teasing jokes too seriously.
She really never felt beautiful,
the kind of beautiful
that transforms the stillness of a room.
She only needed one person to say
how attractive she was.

Perhaps it’s all just vanity anyway,
she thought!
She couldn’t see beyond the abundant freckles
splattered all over her face!

And life can be so cruel, you know,
when wolves set out to prey
on young girls who don’t feel beautiful.

It’s like a hunger for attention,
a hunger for love,
a distain of self!
And when she heard that word
just once,
she lost all sense of perspicacity.
He ravished her
with a single bite!

So don’t forget to tell her,
tell her
that she’s beautiful.
From the moment of beholding,
the moment you see her face.
Tell her she outshines the stars
and her aspect is graceful and pleasing
to you.

Make her feel beloved,
say that her presence has decorated your  life,
because you know all girls are beautiful,
exquisitely fashioned.
With softness and gentle devotion
you may just save her from
an awful demise!



I am an unknown introvert who desires to touch the world with a little bit of magic...

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