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Love is indestructable


I’m suspended beyond rationale,
I’m gasping.
There is no reasoning
with the unimaginable,
It’s beyond assimilation!
A manic fringe on the skyline
of thinking.
A tumultuous, timeless, evolution
of division.

I’m knocking at the door of understanding
but it will not open
it’s jammed shut
I can’t go in!

Perhaps there is a cave of solitude,
a place I could hide
beyond all memory,
somewhere past substance,
as I wait for the chaos to come to pass
and fade with time!

I could become a hermit
and spend my days watching butterflies
and contemplating galaxies.
Away from the distraction of these times!

But I must be awake and conscious
in this collision of meaning.
The collective of love
will win out in the end;
the forces of nature are resolute
about these things!

Could it be a dazzling time we live in
a deer in the head lights kinda feeling
or a purging?
An emptying of all that is misguided
in Earthlings,
an evacuation of thought.

The Universe has learned the rhythm of the stars
by heart
and constantly keeps
the tides in ebb and flow.
It will not be overcome!

Like a Rocket ship to Mars
I’m hurling out consternation,
this calamity of notions.
Way, way out
beyond the Milky Way
above the known stars.
I’m letting the hollowness
and void of space
entrap the flow of dark matter
as it sucks out the energy
of disunity,
imploding it
and devouring
its destructive nature.

Let time forget its purpose
but only for an instant,
as it floats among the constellations
and returns  purposeful to unified minds
with a fusion of intention.
The harmony of molecules,
above and beyond the miraculous
the Genesis of all good things.

Created in the very beginning
to be good, very good.
A forgetfulness
of depravity
and the instability of design.
Like a turning of the tide,
a force of goodness and love,
perfection granted with just one wave
with one word.

Back to green meadows,
where peace is sublime
and the unknowing becomes evident.
Where jubilation is indestructible,
thinking is mysterious and life is lyrical.

Even the stars will shout out on that day
and the rocks will stand in praise.
Maybe the mountains will relocate
when Heaven within us finds its calling!



I am an unknown introvert who desires to touch the world with a little bit of magic...

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