Nebulous flow


I shut down yesterday.
The light had scattered
and detached.
The remnants of weariness
taunted me,
mocking my resolutions.

Gratitude my most
valuable aspiration
collapsed into pain.
I forgot to count
my many blessings
and I got lost
in the land of self.

The tyranny of pain
paralyzed me,
There was no warning!
I became saturated in malcontent.
Fear had gripped me.
I fought the invasion.

I writhed in self pity,
though I refused its contamination,
its toxic form.
I confronted its all
consuming descent.
I wrestled with my undoing.

On rising this morning
some pain still lingered
unresolved emotions
but discontent had shifted,
inexplicably moved,
way, way out,
beyond the asteroids.
I felt the nebulous flow
of serenity.

Like some
waking nightmare
I emerged
to find lucidity.

I thought of you,
the ones who suffer,
by affliction.
Pain your constant companion.

In that moment
I flew to you
with the wings
of a celestial being
I saw you
and I prayed…



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