The thief of time!


I’m actually an Artist,
you probably can’t tell.
I’ve let my paint brush dry up.
almost sounded its death knell!

I’m picking it up tomorrow
is what I always say,
procrastination is my forte,
I’ve used up all leeway!

Watch this space in future,
call me to account,
I’m distracted by so many things
an infinite amount!

I’m writing a book to satisfy
the restlessness of my soul.
I know not where it’ll take me,
I haven’t done a toll.

I love walking in the garden
and watching flowers grow.
The housework is the worst task,
I do it terribly slow!

Then there’s washing on Mondays
and going to the store,
I’m sure there’s more to life than this,
what an awful bore!

Though existence can be quite mundane,
there’s so much to enjoy.
It’s the little things that matter,
and just being the real McCoy!



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