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Touching the light


“Tell me, what is it you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life?”
Mary Oliver

I once stood alone on the outskirts of hope
and lived on the open plains of desolation.
I was almost afraid to breathe.
The pain was too deep to feel or even mention.

My vantage point was on the edge of the universe
where light touches darkness.
I prayed for strength.
I prayed for a tomorrow that contained hope.
Pieces of me floated in outer space
as if I had been blown apart.

I tried to bring myself back to earth
and listen to happiness and try to feel it.
My vigil was watching the light
though hope faded in weariness
when day became continuous night.

I stood brokenhearted on the shores of yesterday
and I could not hear the ocean.
My being was motionless
and a dull ache of sadness had paralyzed me.

I longed to lie down in green pastures
and watch as light overcomes darkness.
The comfort of peace was unknown to me.
I wondered if sorrow was eternal.

My vantage point had obscured my vision
and blindness was my thinking.

Then a shift silenced my fear,
and I soared beyond the heartbreak.
I saw a destination where hope
was more than just a daydream.
Not the kind of hope
where ships laden with treasure come in
or brokenness is non-existent.

It’s a place where peace passes understanding,
a tangible hope that exists
on an otherwise broken planet.
It’s present moment awareness.
The removal of over thinking and self condemnation.
A touch of the divine within.

It’s the stars that make the night magnificent
and the sun’s eternal and overwhelming warmth.
It’s the freedom of overcoming
and the healing touch of nature.
It’s the power greater than myself
that restores my sanity.

But mostly it’s infinite and divine love that covers me
and bears all things in patience and kindness.
It’s the kind of love that brings me into consciousness,
and touches the core of my existence.

Celestial beings hold my anguish now
and my tears have been kept in a jar.
Even when I spin out of control
and my flesh is a burden,
the divine tenderly enfolds me in a loving embrace,
and I’m letting go,
I’m surrendering….



I am an unknown introvert who desires to touch the world with a little bit of magic...

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