My Morning Muse


I’m grateful every morning,
as I open my eyes.
My cat is there to greet me,
she’s balancing on my thigh.

She stands on my shoulder,
hoping for a morning treat.
Her purrs grow much louder,
as I pretend to be asleep.

She meows outside the shower,
staring at the closed door.
She loves warm drops of water,
and watching me bathe even more.

Her day consists of sleeping,
wherever it is warm.
The nights are good for hunting,
for prey in any form.

When the moon is full she’s loony,
and nowhere to be found.
The moles dare not peek out
above the hard ground.

Though at times she is aloof,
she can be very nice.
We saved her from a sure death,
for her it’s a roll of the dice.

She loves the moth festival,
when summers on its way,
and little praying mantises,
entertain her all day.

I call her my Zen master,
she knows the power of now.
Some days she stays on one spot,
as if she took a vow.

She leaves my little birds alone,
I’ve scolded her quite hard.
She used to be an abandoned cat,
now she rules my yard!



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