I found a little bird last week,
he wasn’t very well.
He seemed to have a serious disease,
an affliction I couldn’t tell.

Each morning when I woke up,
he was bobbing on the fence.
Waiting to greet the new day,
his suffering made no sense!

I wondered why he came to me,
and what message did he bring.
I believe he had a purpose,
though he didn’t really sing.

I fed him seeds and gave him water,
and he hobbled swiftly away.
An affliction that seemed terminal,
is all that I could say.

I tried to catch him in the evening,
when he was off his guard,
but a little spirited movement,
made his capture very hard!

Today I haven’t seen him,
and tears are in my eyes.
Maybe he’s heading heavenward,
above the deep blue skies.

I think he came to tell me,
the preciousness of being,
and how each moment matters,
a gracious way of seeing!

He came to give acceptance,
when life can be a burden.
That even in his suffering,
he trundled round my garden.

Birdie is my inspiration,
when I’m overcome with doubt.
God knows the fall of each sparrow,
mindfulness is what it’s about…..


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