I would like to forget,
maybe even erase,
a past that still bewilders me!
Yet I’ve learned so much
from knowing what is written
on the walls of regret.

I kinda was invisible once,
and I liked it a whole lot.
I’m trying to find my way
out of the tempest,
a domain that inhabited me.
I will memorise contentment…
and devour joy.

I don’t mind saying
that I’ve made mistakes,
but definitely not too few to mention,
like the song says!

I’m soaring above attachments,
stumbling blocks
to illumination.
The paraphernalia of another time,
intercepts tranquility.
I hope to never land,
or at least if I do,
to use my landing gear.

I know
it’s all just words.
But strung together
a sentence is formed,
and words turn into thoughts,
which turn into movement.
The subatomic-particles echo,
and vibrate
in this earthling.

On recognising my ego
and its many disguises,
my nobility gets vanquished.
I hunt for recognition,
assuming it’s required.

I’m calling a truce,
I’m letting words dissolve,
as I expose
those thoughts
that hide
and spy on my conscience.
I’m really not
very brave
you see!

In this clandestine moment,
the unseen
becomes visible.
My vision has returned.
I’m transparent!
my ego refuses
to recognise
how inconspicuous I am.

is really quite a sheltered
and comfortable
place to be…

So where do I belong?



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