The power of Love


Brokenhearted you found me
shattered by betrayal…
among the remnants of sorrow
my love had been derailed….

Reluctant at first…..
the wound intense.
Rejection overwhelmed me,
love made no sense!

Your presence a balm….
your kindness imbibed.
From the ashes,
my fragmented trust revived.

You didn’t come on a white horse,
I wasn’t swept off my feet.
With quiet compassion I received you,
my heart skipped a beat!

They say that love is blind,
and faults are concealed.
The chaos of a blended family,
was only later revealed!

Friendship kept me stable,
with your encouraging ways.
Disunion threatened……
a miracle prevailed.

I love our deep communion
morning noon and night.
My best friend always..
fears have taken flight.

At times I’m still broken
and you don’t understand…
Sometimes the floodgates open
please take my hand.

Your allegiance is my healing,
you are the one who stayed…..
Let’s do this life forever,
with you I’m not afraid.

….I’ll stay up all night,
just to know you more…..


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