momentsDo you know those moments,
when the sun
shines brighter
and its warmth
gives solace?

Have you ever felt a breeze
that makes
your senses come alive?
And in a sacred instant
the bird’s song is euphonious…
and the seasons

the fragrant flowers
are intoxicating,
their colours
quite contagious
and serenity
is eternal!

Have you ever seen
in the sunset
and the glistening moon at dawn?

Do you know those times when
the earth under your feet
feels like heaven
and your heart quickens
your breath stills
memories are lucid
dreams call out expression
and your soul awakens?

And do you believe that light
overcomes darkness
when magic is real?

The kind of magic
that makes people kinder
the sky bluer
and music more lyrical!
When heavenly beings
are Earthly!

I’ve been caught in those moments
in timeless

Oh don’t stop me now……


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