My Freedom song


I’ve been here in this cavern
through all the seasons
I’ve written on the walls
of my insignificance

I’ve searched my thoughts
my mind
and tamed my understanding

This cavern is like no other
it’s full of light
and birds sing all day
the sparkling sky is my roof
flowers dance
in sacred reciprocity

I know I cannot stay forever
I must bind up my brokenness
I must run
I must embrace all that life has for me

But for now
I’m rewriting my story
and reprogramming my mind
I’m learning through silence
I’m listening to what is unsaid

My heart is pounding
and my breath is still
I’m called out
the miraculous flows
reminding me of my strength

The stars are clearer
and the haze across my soul is shifting
I feel the movement of spring upon me
edging out my words of condemnation
those words
that lie to me

Nature is my teacher
it illuminates me
with its ebb and flow
it speaks to me of longing
I can see ecstasy
I’m singing my freedom song

I know I can only see in part
and sorrow has sustained me
but words will transform me
I will see better days
I’m learning to love myself
like I never have before

As I keep moving towards silence
I feel an awakening in my soul

My heart will be still
it will know peace
it will comprehend love


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