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I live in a sea

I live in a sea
of shame.
Above me there’s a chasm.
Darkness envelopes me.
The horror is the night,
the coldness and the longing.

I descend
and get lost
beneath the waves.
Some may say
I’ve been taken under.

for the light has come,
but death remains enticing
when breath ceases
and in it
an easeful release of sorrow.

I do not belong
amongst the upright,
the proud.
My face has turned away in shame.

Light stays in me
as darkness engulfs my being.

I want them to know
the pain
that festers in me
the despair.
I don’t mind being forgotten,
I know salvation
too well.

If you think of me as light,
know me with kindness,
forget the loathing.

See that ray of hope
that emerged from silence.
Hold me not in sorrow.
For I am awake
fully awake
in this great darkness.


I am an unknown introvert who desires to touch the world with a little bit of magic...

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