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Sweet Surrender


My life didn’t turn out the way I planned,
whose does?

When I heard them preach
that God would give me the desires of my heart
I believed!
They said my Lord would not give me
more than I could bear.
I held those words
inside my heart.

I married young to the man
I thought my heart desired
with the hope that it would be forever.

Divorce is destruction, it’s heartache.
My life held no meaning without him.
I wanted that miracle they promised
to end the pain.
The pain that was beyond what I could bear.

The desires of my heart got swept away!

The back alleys took me,
bitterness stole me,
my path became dark.
I turned from God!
Then they said
my Maker may leave me forever,
but I didn’t believe!

I found God at the beginning of the sorrow
and in between the pain.
His tenderness invaded me.
He never let me go.
He poured His love and mercy onto my wounds
grace leaped inside me.

And through it all,
He held me close.
God expanded my capacity to love.
I became willing
to embrace the brokenhearted
and I understood rejection.

I’m dwelling now in the place
of sweet surrender
with no expectation!

I marvel at the works of His hands,
above all,
I’m made in His image!

In the light of His love
I’m enjoying His incredible creation
as He gazes on me
and I on Him!

I know the Earth is filled with pain
and a longing for something better
something beyond the misery
a place where Heaven is!

Has my heart desired
more than just knowing and loving Him
loving His creation?

Those things I once asked for,
those things
I never needed
they got stripped away!


I am an unknown introvert who desires to touch the world with a little bit of magic...

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