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My therapy is the sun
the moon is my comfort.
I can see miracles in the stars.
Silence is my dwelling place

I have felt the shade
of my yesterdays
cover me,
blind me!
I’ve called the birds to subdue me.
The trees are my tranquility.

I need nothing
but the seasons to beckon me
and hold me
in their belonging.
As all nature sings.

The divine within me
never leaves me.
Strength rises daily
and its intensity surrounds me.

I’ve learnt love
from the unlovable
and surrender
from those in bondage.
My acceptance comes
from the brokenhearted.

The true prophet within me
never ceases to marvel
at what is to come,
as the Earth
becomes motionless
with longing.

The oceans remain
and rains come in season.
Birds don’t lose their eagerness
and my breath believes.

I’ve called upon the moments
to fulfill my longing.
My dreams
have acknowledged the silence
and I am one with what is!


I am an unknown introvert who desires to touch the world with a little bit of magic...

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