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Do I ask too much of love?

To those who have loved me well!


Is love just a fluttering of the heart
that makes the senses come alive
or is it a wish that we have in our being for another person’s happiness?
Do we like the feeling of love
when the sky appears bluer and the birds song is sweeter.
or is love about ourselves?

How well can we love,
should we give up our true self in pursuit of love
or should love make us better?
Does it make us into beams of light or shards of glass?

Who are those who have loved us well,
loved us beyond our wild eccentricities
who have never wavered in spite of us?

Love should flow and glow into the deeper parts of ourselves.
it should infect external parts of who we are!

The question I ask of love is:
Were you there when I sinned
and did your love cover me?
When I needed your love to cast out my fear,
did you love me well
or did you run me out of town to that forbidden place
where my desires had the victory?
Was I welcome in your sanctuary when I got lost in the dark
did my brokenness melt your heart?
Can the brokenness of my being be mended by love?

When I was a child, I longed for love
the kind that nurtures and puts all wrongs to right
and steals away all sorrow!
I wanted your love to accept me,
even if I never became who you wanted me to be!

When I grew, I learned toxic love
the kind that kills all innocence
and is a destroyer of dreams!
Toxic love neither knows itself or the being that it inhabits
it only craves transient love
the kind that consumes the beauty of souls!
This is not love!

There is a kind of love that humans need
it is the kind of love that embraces us when we are ragged and poor,
dirty and homeless.
The kind of love that runs to greet us when we are still a far way off,
it dresses our wounds,
and washes us in devotion,
it clothes us in glory and adorns us with affection!
It is the kind of unconditional love that never leaves us!





I am an unknown introvert who desires to touch the world with a little bit of magic...

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